The Nautilus Project

The Nautilus Project is a science fiction story written by Yandols Z’eon X. It is originally a story that he was supposed to make for his college project, but later made it available to the public.



In a world, where technology and magic co-exists… Many have tried to infuse magic with technology, many have failed… But there is one man who was able to do the impossible. And that man is Kujas Gray.

Kujas Gray created “Nautilus Industries” in order to create magically infused appliances and vehicles for the average consumer’s usage. Over the years, many other companies have followed suit using similar methods as Nautilus did.

Rufael Satoshi, an ordinary 22-year-old guy had just finished his studies and applied to work at Nautilus Industries. On his first day of work, he found out a dark secret about Nautilus Industries when he fell down a hole on a faulty panel on his way to his work department. Rufael discovered war machines and biological experiments that are being infused with magic. Startled by this, he ran away to look for an exit but instead accidentally ran into some sort of experimental chamber which set off an alarm and also causing a surge of lightning to shock him, knocking him out in the process.

Rufael then wakes up in the scrapyard somewhat closeby to his home. After running back home and taking a nice hot shower, his doorbell rang. When he went to check on it, Yaran Jiro – the CEO of “StarGen Corporation” was outside and insists that Rufael come along with him as there is an important matter involving Rufael that he must attend to.

What has Rufael gotten himself into?

What’s going to happen to him?

Find out in Episode 1.

Coming Soon…



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