P.H.A.S.E. is a science fiction story written by Jeramu-kun (aka Nova). It was written while Rocknarok Story was put on hiatus.



Ayama Kazuma is a normal student living a normal school life in Japan in the year 2040, with technology advanced enough to maintain a city with skyscrapers, provide a barrier to help reflect a certain amount of UV rays, etc. One day, while walking home from school, Kazuma is attacked by a rogue android, labelled as an ‘Error’.

As he is about to be finished off, his two childhood friends save him, and explain to him the situation. The city is currently in danger due to a mysterious virus infecting androids and causing them to attack humans. Their school, Ureshina Gakuen, is given the responsibility of stopping these incidents by using their technology to provide a select group of students powers, better known as Psychs.

Kazuma has been kept in the dark not knowing of these incidents because the school hasn’t chosen him. However, after being attacked first-hand, Kazuma is forced to join the school in the war against the Errors. It’s been a week since the attack on Kazuma, and he’s gotten used to it.



  • Season 2 (Psych. Holiday. Aggression. Summer. Expansion.):
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