Hey, Yandols here.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have re-purposed my blog into something more writing-oriented and because of the switch, I thought that moving it over to the new domain would fit it more due to its theme. You might have noticed that the URL of the site is finally on https://rocknarok.xyz instead of the old https://yandols.xyz/blog domain. We’ve finally finished transitioning everything over to the new domain so this will be the site’s new home, so don’t forget to update your bookmarks as old ones will now stop working!

Now the next set of things I want to do is to bring all the available chapters of Rocknarok Story over here. Once I’ve done that you can start reading it, but I do have to give a heads up as I’ve just been informed by the writers of Rocknarok Story that it is quite a clusterfuck. So… not exactly something to look forward to, but go ahead and give it a read once its out.

In other news, I have started a new project of turning a very old project of mine called Story of Lif into a novelization. SOL was an RPG styled game that I used to work on many years ago, however that project never came to be as I cancelled it and stopped working on it for who knows what reason. So recently while cleaning up and moving my old stuff around, I came across it and was instantly inspired to revive the project. I didn’t want to continue it as a game so I thought why not turn it into a novelization. The first chapter is almost done, and once I’ve finished at least a few, then I’ll release it here.


Until then, peace out!