Hey, Yandols here.

So I’ve just finished up a few things like moving some of the old things around and I have some good news. I have gotten permission from the author of Rocknarok Story and P.H.A.S.E. to move them from the old deprecated forums to over here on this shiny new platform.

In addition to that, I have just finished moving all chapters for Season 1 of P.H.A.S.E. over here on this new place. One of the benefits of having the stories moved here is that it is much more easier to read on a modern platform like this which is optimized for both web-browsers and also mobile browsers, as people reading on a mobile device are becoming more and more common. The old place on the other hand is not optimized for mobile viewing and can get very difficult to read comfortably. You can access all currently available chapters of P.H.A.S.E. here on the novels index.

Everything else will come a bit later as the next thing I am focusing on doing is to move domains of this platform. Currently we’re hosting it on https://yandols.xyz/blog but since I have decided to re-purpose the entire place, I feel like moving it over to https://rocknarok.xyz is much more suitable as I have even changed the name of the blog to “Rocknarok Homes” instead of “Yandols’ actual blog of daily life stuff”. Hopefully transitioning the domain will be easier than I think it will be, but once it’s done, I’ll bring Rocknarok Story over here.

Until then, peace out!


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